• Psy-Cloud
    Psychiatry Cloud is a company that specializes in designing medical management software for psychiatrists. This project required a total redesign that included the creation of a specific brand book, which detailed how to use different visual elements such as fonts, color palettes, buttons, and even a system for the use of images.
  • Turf Grass
    Turf Grass is a template designed for artificial turf companies. the idea behind this design was to use the grass texture as a design element. The layout uses curved lines as well to make it a dynamic feel.
  • Day Adjusting
    Day Adjusting is an insurance company. The idea for this design was to do something clean, using the brand colors playing with elements hierarchy to generate an appealing design.
  • Total Comfort
    Total Comfort is an air conditioning company. For this project, the idea was to make a unique layout that makes it stand out from its competition, through the use of illustrations.
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