• Phoenix
    Phoenix Contractor Group is a company specialized in roof replacement. The idea behind this branding was to use the image of a phoenix, which is an immortal bird associated with Greek mythology that cyclically regenerates, and this concept is associated with the regeneration of an old roof.
  • Hive Energy
    Hive Energy is a company that sells bottled honey. The concept behind this design was to use a hexagonal structure representing honey panels combined with dynamic lines around it that suggest bee flight.
  • Plaza
    The idea for this design was to use the letter P from the name and add a fruit leaf/heart over it generating a unique and easily recognizable brand. The colors used for this work suggest the freshness of the fruit.
  • MovieFans
    MovieFans is a website dedicated to providing insightful movie reviews. In crafting this design, the goal was to create a visually striking and easily recognizable logo, integrating the imagery of an eye with a film reel, symbolizing a unique insight into the world of cinema.
  • Fiorentina
    Libreria Fiorentina is an online bookshop and for this project, a unique icon was created combining the first letters of the brand name and suggesting the shape of a book.
  • AC
    AC home solutions is an air conditioning company. For this one the idea was to do something minimal but at the same time conceptual using colors that suggest heat and cold, related to the product.
  • Abraxas
    Abraxas Records is a music store that sells CDs and vinyl. The concept behind this logo was to use the first letter of the brand name and combine it with a musical note to easily associate the imagotype with the brand.
  • Cosmic
    Cosmic is a toy store. For this design, the idea was to generate a likable character that empathizes with children and makes them want to visit the store.
  • SportTech
    Sport Tech is a customized garage floor brand for sports vehicles. For this project, the concept is related to some luxury car and motorcycle brands that use wings in their logos. The idea is that people interested in this product associate it with those.
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